tough month

assalamualaikum w.b.t

waa..it been a few month i not update my post..what a tough month for me..i just need to struggle for my programme..and i need to find a lot of money to organize this programme..sorry i just learn to used english just to improve it..it a long time i not writing in english..hahaha..even it worst actually.haha..sorry..for those who have better english please help me to improve my english..

ok im actually had organize a road to saudi arabia held on 27 april until 7 of mei..but me still running out for money..haha..it cost around rm60k.and now we only have around rm30k..so i dont have any idea where can i find all the money..i've called a lot of company before but still waiting fr comfirmation..i cant wait that long..fuuhhh..can you share your idea??hm..please .haha..

i just more time to think..to struggle for my sponsorship..this programme had postpone for 2 years because we dont have enough money to organize it..hahahaha..and now we are the last group around 12 people of us still in this team to make sure this programme will be succeed...hahaha..it enough then..haha..sorry if i do a lot if mistake in my writing..ok..haha..not really good in english..still learning..